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 FSSR Newsletter January 2006


    As many of you may know, sport fishing is one of the more popular pastimes in and around the Sebastian area.  Our program this month will be by retired fishing guide Captain Tom Bauer, who has lived and fished in the St. Sebastian River area for 16 years.
    Captain Bauer specialized in light tackle sport fishing including spin, plug and fly tackle in the St. Sebastian River.  He co-hosted a weekly radio program called Somethin' Fishy.  In addition, he co-hosted a monthly fishing workshop in Sebastian at the Sportsman's Lodge.
    Tom will share his fishing lore and expertise with us at the meeting, discussing the gamefish that can be found in the St. Sebastian River, his favorite fishing spots and the various types of bait and lures to catch "the big one"!
    Our January meeting is also our annual business meeting at which current members will be voting on a slate of nominees for our Board of Directors for 2006.  And finally, we will also be presenting our annual Environmental Enhancement Award.  For more information on this year's award, please see the article below.
    The meeting will be at the North Indian River County Library in Sebastian at 7:30 PM, Tuesday, January 24 and all are welcome to attend.


    Each year we present our "Environmental Enhancement Award" to an individual, business or organization that we feel has done the most in the past year to improve or protect the environment surrounding the St. Sebastian River area.  This year we have chosen the employees and volunteers of the St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park.
    If you were able to attend our general meeting in May 2005, you know of some of the work that the folks at the Preserve have been conducting and their plans for future improvements to the lands surrounding the St. Sebastian River.  The properties that make up the Preserve were originally purchased to provide a buffer to the St. Sebastian River, with the intention of restoring the habitats to their original conditions.  As demonstrated by the presentation in May by Samantha McGee and Bobby Chesser of the Preserve, they have accomplished much in these efforts and there are plans for substantially more work to come in the future.
    Congratulations to Park Manager Dustin DeVos and his staff for their efforts and dedication to improving and enhancing the St. Sebastian River!