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The Friends of St. Sebastian River depends on member support for programs of conservation and education.

Individual $10/year Family $15/year
Corporate $50/year

Name: _____________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

__________________________ Phone: __________

Email: _____________________________________

Special interests, concerns or expertise: ____________

Please mail your completed application and dues to:
P.O. Box 284, Roseland, Florida 32957-0284

NOTE: The date on your mailing label is the month/year
when your dues are next due. Thank you.

Officers for 2002

President . Tim Glover
Vice President ... Frank Wegel
Secretary .. Maggy Bowman
Treasurer .. Shirley Kilkelly

Directors for 2002

Charles Cardinale ..... Bob Fisler
Carolyn Corum . Buzz Herrmann
Anne Dann Jackie James
Lani Deauville .. Anne Putman
Frank DeJoia . Charles Stachel
Bob Denton .. Lynn Stieglitz


Bill Boswell
William Brennan
Cy & John Carlson

Friends of St. Sebastian River
P.O. Box 284
Roseland, Florida 32957-0284