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FSSR Newsletter - March 2005


    Our program this month is about the efforts the City of Sebastian is undertaking to improve the stormwater drainage throughout the city.  The presentation will be by Ken Jones, Stormwater Utility Engineer for the city.  Stormwater issues have been a problem in the city for some time and municipalities are being required to reduce their stormwater impacts on natural surface water bodies.  Mr. Jones will be telling us about some of the infrastructure improvements the city is implementing to better handle stormwater runoff.
    We will also be presenting our annual Environmental Enhancement Award at the meeting - please see the related story elsewhere in this newsletter.  We normally present the award at our general meeting in January, but we delayed it this year because of the hurricanes, to allow more time for folks to provide nominations.
    The meeting will be on Tuesday, March 22, 7:30 PM at the North Indian River County Library in Sebastian.  All are welcome and refreshments will be served following the meeting.


    Each year we present our "Environmental Enhancement Award" to an individual, business or organization that we feel has done the most in the past year to improve or protect the environment surrounding the St. Sebastian River area.  This year we have chosen Drs. Juanita and Richard Baker.
    The Baker's have written a book on Blue Cypress Lake that was published in the last year or so.  Through the book, the Baker's have revealed to us the simple beauty of the undisturbed habitat of the lake - giving us a greater appreciation for such natural, wild places, especially so close by.
    The Baker's have also designated all of the proceeds from the sale of the book to be used for environmental causes through the Pelican Island Audubon Society.  Through their generosity, participation in local environmental issues, exposing us to our local natural wonders, and their efforts to conserve their own small piece of "habitat" on the St. Sebastian River, we are pleased to recognize the Baker's passion for the environment.  Congratulations!


    The Friends of Historic Roseland (FOHR) have been members of our organization for some time, but their board decided they wanted to do more to contribute.  At our January general meeting, Irene Bush, President of the FOHR made the announcement and presented us with a $100 donation for our George Schum Memorial Award!  This was a complete surprise to us and certainly a much appreciated donation.
    George Schum was a long time member of our Board of Directors.  When he passed away, we decided to start the award to memorialize his spirit of community participation and volunteering.  The award is given each year to a Sebastian River High School senior and you will be hearing more about this year's winner in our May newsletter.  You can also find more information about the award on the "About Us" page of our website.  The high school's award ceremony is in early May each year.  Thank you Friends of Historic Roseland!