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FSSR Newsletter - March 2008


    Spence Guerin is a "realist" style artist and will be our guest this month for a presentation about painting from life on location in the Herndon Swamp.  The Herndon Swamp is a beautiful, natural swamp at the St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park.  Spence is a lover of nature and its beauty and will also talk about his experiences of painting other natural locations around Florida.
    Spence has received awards from American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Endowment for the Arts. He will show a few paintings and reproductions of his work.  You can also view some of his work on his website here -
    The meeting will be on Tuesday, March 25, 7:30 PM at the North Indian River County Library in Sebastian.  The meeting is free and open to the public and everyone is welcome.


    Some of you have recently received a special mailing from the folks at the Pelican Island Preservation Society (PIPS) urging you to respond to the National Wildlife Refuge funding issue. The rest of you are receiving the flyer in this newsletter.  Additionally, an email was forwarded to members on our email list, from the National Wildlife Refuge Association (NWRA) with an opportunity to respond immediately with a preformatted letter that you could add your comments to.
    Those who have been a member of the Friends for a while may recall that you received a similar special mailing from PIPS last year too. The under-funding of the National Wildlife Refuge system is chronic but has been especially critical the last couple of years. And as many of you know, or may have learned by attending the recent Pelican Island Wildlife Festival, Pelican Island is this nation's first National Wildlife Refuge, established by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1903.
    The Friends has allowed PIPS to send this mailing to our members as we believe this is an important issue and we felt that you are likely concerned about the status of our nation's wildlife refuges, especially Pelican Island right here in our own back yard!  By the time you receive this newsletter, the deadline for sending comments on this issue may have passed.  You may want to check the NWRA website to see if their "Take Action" opportunity is still active.  You will find it here -  Please use your permanent mailing address for you "snow birds", in order for the email to go to your correct Congressperson.  You will need to create a free registration that will remember your contact information and then allow you to send the message to your Representative.
    You can also find lots more information about the refuge-funding crisis on the PIPS website at Once there, click on the "Take Action" link. This page has a couple of sample letters and contact information too. Thanks for your help