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FSSR May, 2002

   You may recall that at our meeting in January, we had a couple of graduate students from FIT in Melbourne give us a presentation on their studies of some of the unique aspects of the St. Sebastian River. This included their research on a few of the rare and unique fish species in the river. Another one of the students, Jynessa Dutka-Gianelli is doing similar research, but could not make the meeting because of illness. This month she will finally be joining us to present her research on the various species of snook in the St. Sebastian River.
   All of the student's research is a follow-up to previous work done by
Dr. Grant Gilmore, formerly of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, and he has been a mentor to the students in their graduate studies. We are quite lucky as Dr. Gilmore said that he would like to join us for this meeting also! He wanted to talk to us about the remarkable qualities of the St. Sebastian River and his concerns about the project of dredging the muck from the river.
   The program will be on
Tuesday, May 28 at 7:30 P.M. at the Roseland Community Center on Bay Street in Roseland. The Community Center is on the river at the end of 129th Place, which is the second right hand turn off Roseland Road after crossing the railroad tracks, going westbound from Route 1. All are invited and refreshments will be served.


   George Schum was a long time member of our board of directors. He passed away in April 1997, and the award is given in memory of his spirit of volunteering and participation in community service. The award is given to a Sebastian River High School senior who has participated in such community service activities, and may also demonstrate an interest in environmental issues.
   We are pleased to announce that this year's winner is Rachel Serra. Rachel has been helping out at Sebastian Elementary School for the last couple of years, helping grade school students to learn. She plans to attend Framingham State College and wants to be a teacher. Congratulations and best of luck!


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