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FSSR Newsletter July 2005


    We are on vacation for this month and there will be no general meeting, as usual.  Our next general meeting will be Tuesday, September 27 and there will be information about that meeting in our September newsletter.
    Actually you may be on vacation too and hopefully enjoying yourselves, and not really wishing you were here in town.  Although it is a little quieter around the area this time of year and we are enjoying that.  Nonetheless there are no lack of things going on to keep our attention.  You can find out more about some of the issues that we are involved with at the moment in this newsletter.  Enjoy the summer and we look forward to seeing you all back at our meetings in the upcoming season!


    Governor Bush has proclaimed July as "Recreation and Parks Month" in the state of Florida.  "Celebrated by both the nation and state, Recreation and Parks Month recognizes the benefits of recreational and educational opportunities, including boosting the economy, attracting new businesses, strengthening families and neighborhood involvement."  As part of the recognition for parks, there are several activities that have been scheduled at parks around the state.  You can find out more about these activities on the state parks website at
    The most recent state budget signed by Governor Bush last month "…included more than $42 million to expand and improve local parks across the state - a 100 percent increase from 2004."
    Did you also know that Governor Bush proclaimed June as "Florida Rivers Month"? "Florida's waterways are precious resources that provide significant environmental and economic benefits for Florida and its residents," said Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Colleen M. Castille. "Florida is using innovative partnerships coupled with strong environmental management to prevent pollution and improve the quality of the state's rivers and streams."