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FSSR Newsletter - September 2008


    Dr. Richard Turner will be our guest this month to tell us about some of his latest research into the taphonomy of ghost crabs, which inhabit our local beaches.  Taphonomy is the science of the decay, fossilization and eventual erosion of fossilized organisms.  As this process takes place, it leaves an historical record of the environment and ecology of the surrounding habitat.
    Dr. Turner is Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Florida Institute of Technology, where he has served on the faculty for 32 years. His research interests for most of his career has focused on systematics, biogeography, morphology, reproduction, and physiological ecology of a group of marine animals called echinoderms, which include the familiar starfishes, sea urchins, and sand dollars. Other animals that he studies include the Florida applesnail, Atlantic ghost crab, eastern surf chiton, McLaughlin's hermit crab, and beach hoppers. He has authored numerous research articles as well as the textbook Introduction to Marine Biology, now entering its 3rd  edition.
    The meeting will be on Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 7:30 PM at the North Indian River County Library in Sebastian.  The program is open and all are welcome!


    October is membership renewal time. All our memberships run from October through September each year.  If you initially joined and paid dues between April 1 and September 30, we credit your membership through until October 1 in your second year of membership.  The date following your last name on the mailing label of our newsletter is the month in which our records reflect that your membership either did or will expire.  If you feel the date is not correct, or have a question about your membership, please call our treasurer Sherry Shipley at 772-589-4979 or Tim Glover at 772-589-0636, or send us an email or letter at the addresses in this newsletter.  Please include a phone number or email address where you can be reached.
    You can mail your membership to the address in this newsletter or pay at one of our regular meetings.  New this year - you can now renew your membership online through our website using PayPal!  Please see the "Membership Info/Renew" page of our website for more information.  Thanks again to all of you for your continued support!