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Mailing Information

P.O. Box 284
Roseland, Florida 32957-0284
Phone: 772-202-0501
email: info@fssr.org

Email Updates

Once or twice a month we send out emails to our members with information that is timely, or items we believe will be of interest to you. We also include reminders for our upcoming public meetings. All emails are sent as "Blind Carbon Copies" so that no recipient is able to "see" any other recipient. We also do not share your contact information with anyone else.

If you would like to be included on our email list, please send us a message with your name and email address to: info@fssr.org. You may opt out at any time by sending an email to the same address.

Board of Directors

Tim Glover, President, '19
Buzz Herrmann, Vice President, '19
Mark Bondy, Secretary, '20
Bill Brennan, Treasurer, '19

Tom Bauer, Director, '20
Judy Grabenbauer, Director, '19
Lee Ann Kluepfel, Director, '19
Jane Schnee, Director, '20
Bob Stephen, Director, '19
Lynn Stieglitz, Director, '20
Bruce Zingman, Director, '19

Founding Member

Frank DeJoia

Director Emeritus

Frank Wegel


Activities - vacant
Awards - Sherry Shipley, Chair
St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park - Tom Bauer, Chair
Micco Homeowners - Mark Loyacano, Chair
Fundraising - vacant
Gopher Tortoise Coalition - Tom Bauer, Chair
Government/Community Relations - Buzz Herrmann, Chair
Invasive species - Mark Bondy & Jane Schnee, Co-chairs
Membership - Mark Bondy, Chair
Merchandising - vacant
Programs - vacant
Publicity - Holly Dill, Chair

Here's a list of volunteer needs and descriptions we can always use help with:

  • Brazilian pepper/invasive plant eradication - help coordinate efforts with the Marine Resources Council and the Pelican Island Audubon Society to control invasive plants and restore native habitat.
  • Merchandising - we participate in various public events throughout the year and selling items helps us raise funds to support out efforts. This job includes maintaining our inventory, advising when items need to be reordered, searching for and recommending new items that would be appropriate for us to consider adding to our sales.
  • Micco Homeowners Association - be a liason to the MHA to let them know what we are doing and how we can work together on common issues
  • Publicity/newsletter/press releases/social media - getting the word out through our newsletter, issuing press releases about our activities and items of interest to the general public. You may also be interested in setting up social media outlets too.
  • St. Sebastian River Research Project - we have undertaken a project to search out and be a resource for information about our river and what impacts it. Please see the Library/Newsletters page of our website for more details.
  • St. Sebastian River Walking Tours - help lead walking tours on the various trails around the St. Sebastian River.

If you are interested in helping out with any of these committees or jobs, or have any ideas for an issue we haven't thought of, please let us know!