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Membership Information

The Friends is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, and contributions are tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by law. Thank you for your interest!

The Friends of St. Sebastian River is a registered PayPal "Giving Fund" charity. If you have a PayPal account or would like to create one, you may donate through our PayPal Giving Fund web page here. All donations made through the PayPal Giving Fund are tax-deductible and without the usual service fee charged by PayPal. You may choose any amount for a donation or please see membership levels below. If this is a new membership donation, please contact us to let us know the name(s) on the membership and mailing address. Otherwise you may use the standard PayPal donation button below.


Pay Online

You may use the online PayPal service to make a Membership, General, or Special Donation. PayPal is a service providing electronic payment processing via the Internet or phone. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service. For more information about using PayPal, please click here.

To use PayPal to make a membership payment or donation, please click the "Donate" button above. You will be taken to the PayPal payment processing web page where you will need to fill in a payment/donation amount. Membership levels are shown below – please fill in the dollar amount corresponding to the level of membership you wish. Once you have specified the total dollar amount of your payment/donation, select your payment processing option – "Donate with PayPal" to use your personal PayPal account, or "Donate with Debit or Credit Card."

You may include an additional donation with your membership payment – just specify the total dollar amount. Then on the billing information page, click on "Add special instructions to the seller" link to open the comment box and include a comment as to the membership level you wish, or to include the name(s) of persons you wish to appear on your family membership.

Donations of any type are appreciated, i.e. "General", "In Memory of...", etc., but please use the "Add special instructions to the seller" comment box to add acknowledgement information or other specific details.

Membership Levels

Youth/Student (under 18 years old) - free, click here to be added to our email list
Individual - $10/year
Family - $15/year
Corporate - $50/year

New Members

Membership cost is free for youth (18 years old or younger), $10/year for an individual, $15/year for a family and $50/year for a corporate membership. Our membership cycle runs from October through September. If you join between April 1 and September 30, your membership renewal will be due on October 1 in your second year of membership.

Your membership includes a subscription to our bi-monthly newsletter (email-only version for youth), published five times a year in the odd numbered months (except July). Membership discounts are also offered on occasional canoe/kayak/boat trips and other outings/events.

All issues of our newsletter are available on the "Library/Newsletters" page of our website. You can increase your level of support by subscribing to email ONLY delivery of the newsletter. You will find more information about this option on the "Library/Newsletters" page.

Please click here for our membership application. This form will open in a new window – use your browser's "Print" feature to print it. If you would like to join and pay your membership online, please see the information above about using the PayPal™ service.


If you are renewing your membership, you may mail your payment to the address on the "Contact Info" page. If none of your membership/contact information has changed, you may just send us your payment. If you would like to change any information, you may print and submit our Membership Application or share your contact information via the PayPal payment process, if renewing online. You will also find a membership application on the back page of each of our newsletters.

Email List

Once or twice a month we send out emails to our members with information that is timely, or items we believe will be of interest to you. We also include reminders for our upcoming public meetings. Click here and submit the form to be included on our email list.

Update Your Membership Information

You can use the form below to send us updates to your membership information. Please note that when you click on the "Submit" button, you will get a "Thank you..." pop-up message (if pop-ups are not blocked) to let you know that your information has been sent. You may then click on "Reset" to clear the form, or just select another web page.

If you get an error message or have other problems using the form, you may email the information directly to us at: info@fssr.org.

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